My goals are:

  • To help my clients focus on challenges and concerns that are affecting them every day
  • To show my clients how to take charge and take control of their choices
  • To show my clients how to incorporate self-care into their daily routine
  • To offer my clients a concrete plan of action that will allow them to truly achieve the life they want
  • To offer my clients a new perspective, a balanced perspective that will offer them another view of their situation


Benefits of Health Coaching:

  • Learn how to change your habits & lifestyle
  • Receive ongoing coaching, support & accountability
  • Work towards better overall health and wellness (physical and emotional)
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Learn to make YOU a priority!
  • ​And many, many more...

I help Clients:

My goals

I believe in the synergistic harmony of the Mind, Body and Soul. I have a B.A. in Psychology as well as further education in Addictions and Mental Health. I have worked for many years as a counselor focusing on Trauma and those in Crisis. Throughout my career and life experience it has become apparent just how important Health and Nutrition is and how it has a true cause and effect relationship with our Mental Health and how we feel physically. In today's society, we all seem to be going at full speed all the time without really paying attention to how we feel. As a Health and Life Coach I offer my clients support and accountability. We focus on the here and now and work through concerns that are affecting daily life.


About me

  1. Increase Energy
  2. Reduce stress & anxiety
  3. Improve relationship with food and nutrition
  4. Be comfortable in own skin
  5. Stay on track with goals
  6. Experience happiness and satisfaction
  7. ​Tackle emotional eating

And More...

Robin Chapman, Founder

What you can expect

When you come to see me, you can expect an open and honest experience where I will make it my objective to ensure you receive the coaching you are looking for. I truly believe that trust and open communication are key to success and I bring that into my practice with my clients. I am committed to providing you with only the essential information you need to change your lifestyle and make informed decisions about your health and wellness. We will work together to set achievable goals that will allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment and growth and set you on the right path.